About Wagging Tails home dog boarding | a message from founder Lisa Suswain
Wagging Tails directors, Jim and Lisa, with their dogs and daughter

We are so very lucky to have found Lisa, Jim, Izzie and Bailey at Wagging Tails!

I would recommend Wagging Tails to anyone who cares about their dogs. Such care and attention to detail is hard to find elsewhere. A big thank you to Lisa and Jim! ( and Izzie and Bailey! )

Roger & Liz King (and Libby & Monty!)

About Us

A message from our founder and director Lisa Suswain.

Lisa Suswain, found and director of Wagging Tails with her dogsMy decision to start Wagging Tails, back in 2007, was totally driven by a love for dogs and their welfare. Following an injury that ended my professional ballet career I had worked in a number of office jobs but had never really found a fulfilling role that I was truly passionate as I had been with my dancing. The office jobs had prevented Jim, my now husband, and I from getting our own dog, and to fill this gap in our lives we had often borrowed one of my parent’s Cocker Spaniels, Bailey, for long weekends and looked after him and their other dogs when they went on holiday. This got me thinking that there must be many other dog owners who struggle to find reliable and trustworthy holiday care for their dogs when they went away. The result was Wagging Tails, a business that gives dog owners the service that they would want for their dogs and gave me the opportunity to welcome dogs into my life again and do something that I am truly passionate about.


My aim was to offer the same love, attention and security that each of my four legged guests was used to in their own home. This was achieved by only welcoming one family’s dogs to stay with us at any one time and treating them as our own family pet while their owners were away. As a result dogs like Dylan, Muffin, Zeb, Missy and many others became regular, extended members of our family. I was extremely proud of the fantastic response that I received from happy owners (and most importantly from their dogs) and the demand this generated meant that I very quickly had to find a way to deliver this service to more dog owners; not just locally but nationally!

New Dog Carers; former dog owners who shared my passion for dogs and missed their companionship soon came on board and, at the end of 2010, the first of our franchisees, Teresa Bowers, launched her branch of Wagging Tails in Oxfordshire offering our service to owners in the OX Postcode area.

Today Wagging Tails has many franchisees benefitting from being able to run their own home based business working with their dogs by their side, more and more Dog Carers joining us to enjoy the companionship of four-legged holiday guests and thousands of dogs enjoying happy holidays in a safe and loving environment. The service Wagging Tails offers today remains exactly as it did when I launched the business all those years ago. Happy holidays for dogs staying as the only guests in the loving family homes of vetted and insured Dog Carers, who have been inspected and licensed by their local council authorities.

Whether you are an owner using our service, one of our wonderful Dog Carers enjoying welcoming guest dogs to stay or a fantastic Wagging Tails franchisee organising doggy holidays and supporting your Carers, you are part of a bigger community of dog lovers who have committed to providing the very best for our best friends.

I hope you enjoy being a part of our Wagging Tails family!

Lisa Suswain.
Founder & Director, Wagging Tails Ltd