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"I like to strip away everything, so the focus is just on the subject."

Gary Faulkner, Big Vinyl Art

Big Vinyl Art Pet Portraits


An exclusive Offer for Wagging Tails Customers. "Digital Artwork with a Hand-crafted soul"

Big Vinyl Art

Big Vinyl Art is the brain-child of artist and dog-lover, Gary Faulkner. 

Gary's fascination with art started during his childhood which was spent in Oxford. The rich cultural influences that he experienced are mirrored within his work which maintains the tradition of formal portraiture but with a very modern twist. 

Ted the Doberman - Big Vinyl Art

After graduating with a BA (Hons) in Film & Photography, Gary found himself taking the more practical route into graphic design and became a commercial designer at a sign making workshop. A few years ago, his arts background re-asserted itself and he started to make portraits using the techniques and materials that he used every day in his job.

The resulting project -entitled Big Vinyl Art- took his small pen drawings of people and their animals into the digital realm where they were transformed. Although his work is big, bold, and colourful, he feels that the portraits remain intimate. Gary's work clearly pays homage to the pop art movement in style, but equally, each commission is highly personal and entirely unique. We hope that they provoke an individual response.

"I consider my work to be very intimate, even when the scale is very big. My portraits engage you, capturing an aspect of the subject's character. Perhaps discovered by a sideways glance when no one is meant to be looking or a moment frozen in time by a snapped photo. To sit for a portrait you inevitably open up something of yourself to the viewer."

Big Vinyl Art was launched officially in August 2014. Since this time Gary's unique work has been attracting attention. We are proud that, along with Wagging Tails, we have been chosen by Theo Paphitis as a Small Business Sunday winner (#SBS). This opportunity has opened up much media interest in the company. Big Vinyl Art has been featured on BBC Radio, written about in the local press, and has appeared in International magazines such as Horse & Hound and Eventing. Gary was invited to display his work at 'The Good Life Experience' - Cerys Matthew's inaugural music and culture festival. Whilst recent commissions include a dog portrait for Donald McCain (son of the legendary Red Rum trainer, Ginger McCain)

What is Big Vinyl Art?

Black Labradors Big Vinyl

- All portraits are based on a photograph of your choice. If you place an order the photograph you choose should be clear and the image of a reasonable resolution so that the portrait can accurately capture the character of your pet. Gary will make a drawing crafted from the photographs provided and then this will be used create either a vinyl portrait or a Giclee print.

- Vinyl Portraits: Here Gary's drawing is used to create an intricate vinyl cut-out by sending the image into a vinyl plot cutter. The cut-out is then carefully peeled by hand to reveal what will become the top layer of your portrait. The vinyl layer is next transferred and applied over a colourful digital background. The background colour adds depth to the image and brings it to life. The portrait will then be mounted upon foam-board and edged with an aluminium frame. Finally, a layer of archival museum grade varnish is applied. This protects the portrait and renders it completely safe to touch. If you have any preference about background colour then just let us know.

- Giclee prints: Here the surface detail of the image is applied digitally and appears like shading or hatching from a distance. The portrait is professionally printed on the highest quality Hahnemuhle paper which allows rich colour saturation. These prints retain an entirely traditional feel. Giclee prints require framing.

- Whether you choose your portrait to be produced in vinyl or as a Giclee print, the resulting artwork is personal, textured, and unique. It can be adapted to suit individual tastes at every step of the process. In fact, Gary encourages your input. A gallery of his work can be viewed at / / @bigvinylart

*** Our Exclusive Offer for Wagging Tails Customers ***

We are thrilled that Big Vinyl Art is to be endorsed by such as well renowned company as Wagging Tails. Therefore, we would like to offer their customers:

- A 10% discount on Big Vinyl Art pet portrait commissions. This offer applies to original Vinyl Art portraits (available from £182) or to commissions produced as a high quality Giclee Prints (available from £75).

- A FREE JPEG of your Big Vinyl Art portrait for social media and personal usage.

- A 15% discount off all additional Big Vinyl Art pet portrait merchandise: presently we can produce personalised greeting cards and T Shirts which utilise your pet's image. More merchandise will soon be available.