5 Tips to keep your dog cool this summer

5 Tips to keep your dog cool this summer!

Lisa Suswain, Wagging Tails
Sunday, June 24, 2018

With the weather set to heat up even more this week we thought we’d share some tips for helping to keep your dog cool.

  1. Adjust your walking time and duration. Aim for an early morning or late evening walk when the weather is cooler, choose areas that are more shady and have water sources for drinking and swimming or simply lying in (your dog not you!). Reduce the length of your walks and give your dog ways of stimulating his brain to tire him out.
  2. Keep the area your dog has access to nice and cool, with plenty of shade and good ventilation. Hard flooring can often provide a nice cool surface for dogs to relax comfortably on.
  3. Keep water bowls cool by adding ice cubes! We know how quickly our drinks warm up in the heat and the same will be the case for your dogs water. Frequently refresh the water in your dogs bowl and consider adding some ice cubes – not only will it cool the water but it will provide lots of entertainment for your dog.
  4. Get a doggy paddling pool. Our girls love their paddling pool, especially Clara who loves nothing more than standing in the pool and bobbing tennis balls up and down! Position the pool in the shade to keep the water cool.
  5. Make some tasty cool treats. From filled and frozen kongs to doggy ice cream there are so many ways of making homemade treats to keep your dog cool. Here’s a really simple recipe we use for doggy ice cream – just be sure to ONLY USE PEANUT BUTTER THAT DOES NOT CONTAIN XYLITOL!
Clara enjoying her paddling pool


  • 200ml Natural yoghurt
  • 2 x bananas
  • 1 large heaped tablespoon peanut butter - NO XYLITOL IT IS TOXIC TO DOGS!
  • Optional - pieces of fruit or vegetables to suit (e.g. Strawberries, carrots)

Step 1:

Blend the banana, yoghurt and peanut butter together to form a thick smoothie

Step 2:

Decide on your mould size (small moulds such as ice cube trays for small dogs and larger ice lolly moulds for larger dogs).

Step 3:

Place fruit/veg in the moulds and pour the smoothie mixture over the fruit

Step 4:

Freeze for a minimum of 8 hours

Step 5:

Before giving them to your dog run them under warm water for a couple of seconds to make sure no tongues get stuck to the treat.

Step 6:

Watch your dog enjoy his cool treat!

Owner of beloved Golden Retrievers, Lottie and Clara, Lisa Suswain is the Founding Director of home dog boarding franchise Wagging Tails and a Kennel Club Assured Breeder.