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Dog Carers: The joy of guest dogs!

Janice, Dog Carer for Wagging Tails in South Wales
Monday, June 5, 2017

South Wales Dog Carer Janice talks about how she joined Wagging Tails and the joy she and her husband get from welcoming guests dogs to stay with them for a holiday. 

It's funny how things happen. I picked up a free magazine to pass the time, while i was waiting for my husband. I saw the advert for Wagging Tails. I thought " This is just what we need to do".

Dai was missing our dog, and wanted to get another one, but I wasn't quite ready. I showed him the advert. This would be perfect. We could offer a dog a holiday.

It couldn't have been easier. I contacted Rhian who arranged a visit from the council so I could become a dog sitter. He met Rhian at my house, he filled in all the relevant paperwork and made sure the house and garden were suitable for keeping animals safe.

Within days we had our first "sniffing out meeting". Rhian matched us with a very friendly Retriever. Rhian came with the owners and the dog to see if we all got on. At this point you will know if you want to accept the dog or not and the owners will decide if you are suitable. The relationship with the owners is just as important as looking after the dog. They are trusting you while they are away.

Wagging Tails Dog Sitter Janice enjoy a walk with holiday guest, Retriever Archie

Archie bounded into our lives, and we haven't looked back! He is perfect for our lifestyle, as we are keen walkers and have plenty of space for him to run around. Heather signed the off- lead from when she dropped him off with everything you could possibly need for a week's stay. He was kept on a lead - a long one when we first took him out. When we got to know that Archie had gained our trust, we could leave him run free when we were out on the Waterfall trails. We had so much fun! He loves the water. Any water! He had a great time splashing about, swimming for sticks, soaking us when he was shaking dry.

Archie is with us again for a few weeks. This time we went on a 10 mile hike on the Beacons. We walked 10 miles and Archie ran about 50! He slept really well that night. He was flat out when we got back, and even slept through a thunder storm!

Being dog sitters really works for us. We enjoy keeping in touch with the owners while they are away by sending photos and messages. We can accept dogs that we think are suitable for us, and when it suits us. The best of both worlds. I can't wait for the next adventure.

Janice is a Dog Carer for the Cardiff Branch of Wagging Tails run by Rhian Sexton. To find out more about joining Rhian's team of Dog Carers in South Wales please go here. To find out if this opportunity is available in your local area please complete our Carer Enquiry Form