Caring for Dogs at home - the enjoyable way to a healthy 2017

Four legs are better than two: the enjoyable way to a healthy 2017

Lisa Suswain, Wagging Tails
Thursday, January 5, 2017

Are you are dog lover and looking to improve your health in 2017? If so the solution couldn't be simpler (and more cost effective!) than you think. Rather than spending a fortune on gym memberships, running kit and personal trainers you could be enjoying the company of guest dogs coming to stay with you for a holiday AND receiving a small payment as a Dog Carer for Wagging Tails.

How will this help? (I hear you ask)

The health benefits of having a dog around are numerous (not to mention actually enjoyable!) and far more achievable over a longer period - no quick fix here! Not only are dogs good for your waistline - dogs give you a reason to get up off the sofa and go for a walk, even if you may not want to - but have also been proven to help with stress, depression, reduce general illness and improve social life.

Chief completes a 5k run with Oxfordshire Dog Carer Pennie

Healthier Lifestyle: Oxfordshire Dog Carer Pennie completes a 5k run with guest dog Chief

As one of our Wagging Tails Dog Carers you can enjoy all the benefits of having a dog without having to take on the full time responsibility of ownership. Carers welcome guest dogs into their home on a temporary basis for a holiday. Not only do the Carers benefit from the companionship of their four legged guests but they also meet the owners and receive a small fee for giving their guests a holiday.

Barbara, who has been a Wagging Tails Carer for over two and half years said of the role,

"It's absolutely wonderful. You get to take dogs out and socialise with other people. At 68 that's really a good thing because you don't feel alone".

Fellow Carer Marion added,

Marion enjoying the company of guest dog Max out on a walk"I lost my two dogs to illness and old age. I thought that by being a carer this would give me an opportunity to look after dogs without the commitment of being a dog owner so soon. Over time I have met many owners and enjoy the friendship and rapport I have with them. When a dog I have had before returns for boarding again it's like having an old friend visit, sharing quality time and walks together."

We have a whole range of dogs requiring loving holiday homes when their owners go away. These range from less active dogs needing a half hour walk per day (and lots of cuddles!) through to more active guests who require far more exercise.

Our existing Carers are fantastic people and really love welcoming each dog they care for. Many of our Carers have sadly lost their own dogs and aren't in a position to take on another one of their own. Being a Carer allows them to continue to enjoy all the benefits of having dogs in their lives without committing to ownership. We only match Carers with suitable dogs and you will meet every dog with their owner prior to a holiday so you know you will enjoy their company and have a great time with them. 

Our Carers need to be at home during the day, have a secure garden and no children under six years old. If you fit this criteria and are a dog lover then the secret to a healthy 2017 could be a lot simpler and more enjoyable than you thought... To find out more please take a look at our Wagging Tails Dog Carers page to find out if this opportunity is available in your area. 


Wagging Tails Franchisor Lisa Suswain walking her dogsOwner of beloved Cocker Spaniel, Bailey and Golden Retriever, Lottie, Lisa Suswain is the Founder and Managing Director of home dog boarding franchise Wagging Tails and a Kennel Club Assured Breeder