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Grandparents' Day and UN International Day of Older Persons

Lisa Suswain, Wagging Tails
Friday, September 30, 2016

This weekend sees focus placed firmly on the elder generations as Saturday 1st October is the United Nations International Day of Older Persons and Sunday 2nd October is Grandparents' Day. The former takes a stand against ageism by "drawing attention to and challenging negative stereotypes and misconceptions about older persons and aging" while the latter celebrates the important family role that Grandparents play in all of our lives (including our dogs!!!) 

Lisa Suswain pays tribute to the important role Grandparents and older people play in Wagging Tails.  

Some of our very Best Dog Carers 

Dog Carer Barbara out walking Simpson

Many of our very best Dog Carers are Grandparents, both individuals and couples, many in retirement. They are experienced dog owners who still want the companionship of dogs but without the commitments that come with dog ownership. These Carers are in the ideal position to be able to offer guest dogs their undivided attention and give them the holiday they truly deserve while their owners are away. The feedback we recieve from happy owners clearly illustrates the positive impact our experienced Dog Carers have on the families who use our service; they allow owners to enjoy their own holiday stress free in the knowledge that their dog is also having a great time.  

Claire in Wiltshire described Dog Carer Barbara as, 

"Amazing. Eevee is really happy staying with her and Maurice, it makes me feel comfortable with leaving her as I know she is well looked after." 

While Kim in Horndean commented that, 

"Tilly had a wonderful holiday with Denise, Denise was the perfect person to look after Tilly." 

Benefits for the Carers

In addition to the fee they receive for looking after their four-legged guests our Carers get a huge amount from the role. Beyond the obvious enjoyment and companionship they get from the having the dogs staying with them, there are also the social and health benefits that come with being a Wagging Tails Dog Carer. Our Dog Carers meet owners with their dogs prior to new boards and then again when the dogs are dropped off and collected. And there is no better incentive to get out for a walk - and the inevitable conversations with other dog walkers - than having a dog around. Our Carers also build strong friendships with the Franchisees who run their local areas. To Wiltshire Carer, Barbara, these are huge benefits,  

"I've been a Carer for Wagging Tails for two and a half years and its absolutely wonderful. You get to take dogs out and socialise with other people. At 68 that's really a good thing because you don't feel alone.

And then I have my lovely franchisee Hilary to come round and make sure everythings running smoothly and it's really lovely over a cup of tea to have a good old chin wag!" 

Denise says that she became a Carer because, 

"I missed my old dog and thought having some to stay for holidays would be a good idea. And it is!" 

While Yvonne says that her highlights are, 

"Cuddles, licks, fun, walks and the unstinting affection offered by all the wonderful dogs.

I have also made new friends with the owners - lovely people!"

Being a Dog Carer can help with overcoming many challenges that become more prevelent as we get older such as coping with bereavement, adjusting to living alone, building friendships and also offers a great way to socialise and keep healthy. Our retired and older Dog Carers provide a cornerstone to our service and they are very much respected and valued as a key part of what we do. If you would like to learn more about how you can get involved please go to the link below. 

Find out more about becoming a Dog Carer


Wagging Tails Franchisor Lisa Suswain walking her dogsOwner of beloved Cocker Spaniel, Bailey and Golden Retriever, Lottie, Lisa Suswain is the Founder and Managing Director of home dog boarding franchise Wagging Tails and a Kennel Club Assured Breeder