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Spring Cleaning: grooming a spaniel mud magnet!

Sunny Montague, Wagging Tails
Sunday, January 7, 2018

Keeping on top of my Springer Pickle’s grooming is not easy. Like all spaniels, she is a mud magnet and tends to get burrs caught up in the long fur on her ears. These can become matted and lead to ear infections. I also have to be super vigilant with the fur between her pads. It’s important that I make sure that they are clear of grass seeds which can and have burrowed in causing infection and pain.

Like most springers, Pickles is very excitable so keeping her still long enough to groom her is a challenge involving much jumping and tail chasing. She is a bit of a mummy’s girl and gets anxious if I’m not with her so I have been trying to keep on top of grooming her myself. The problem is, I’m not very adept and she looks a little odd once I’ve had a go with the clippers! 

Pickles the Spaniel pre groom with Totally Mutts, MaidenheadI noticed some of the spaniel pictures that a local groomer, Clare at Totally Mutts had posted on her profile and decided to take a look at her website. I was sold at once. Clare has a spaniel so I knew straight away that she’d “get” Pickles and her foibles. Her website is very clear and explains about the process and the lovely products which she uses to pamper her doggy customers.

I gave her a call and booked her in for the following week. Clare was very welcoming and put both Pickles and I at her ease. She has an immaculate, specially designed little unit situated next to Hall Place Vets just outside of Pinkney’s Green. It’s really easy to get to from Maidenhead and the surrounding areas and there is plenty of parking. She greeted Pickles with a few biscuits and was calm and reassuring. We discussed in detail exactly what she’d do and what I wanted and she listened to my concerns and reassured me. I left her giving Pickles a big cuddle and popped off to the Maidenhead Hand Car Wash/Valet just around the corner where I had my car cleaned whilst I waited.

Spaniel Pickles with Clare from Totally Mutts dog groomers, Maidenhead

Clare texted me about 20 minutes before Pickles was ready (it took about 90 minutes) to ensure I had time to collect her. Well…what a different looking dog! I left a burr covered, very fluffy dog! I returned to a very elegant spaniel! Clare has a special technique to get in between the pads and make sure they are as fur free as possible. She had tidied up her ears but left the lovely whisps on the top of her head and the length on her ears. Pickles was pleased to see me but looked very happy and relaxed and was clearly quite comfortable with Clare.

Clare quotes differently for each dog depending on their needs. Her prices compare very favourably with other local groomers and I feel that what I paid for a 90 minutes intense groom was incredibly reasonable. Pickles smelled divine and Clare showed me the delicious products she had used on her. She uses ethical products with natural products and essential oils. I was much taken with the name of the perfume she used – “Peach Bum” -  which includes orange, jasmine and peach essential oils.

Pickles the Spaniel after grooming with Totally Mutts, MaidenheadIf you live in the area or even out of the area, it’s well worth booking your beloved dog in with Clare for a total makeover. She’s offering Wagging Tails customers a 10 percent discount if you book in before January 2018. The link below will take you to her website.

Totally Mutts website 

Berkshire dog boarding Franchisee Sunny Montague with her Springer Spaniel PicklesSunny Montague & Pickles own and run the Wagging Tails Berkshire & Buckinghamshire franchise offering owners throughout the SL postcode area a home based alternative to kennels. Go here to find out more about her Berkshire dog boarding service.