Following a career as a Guide Dog Quin returns to his puppy socialisers

Guide Dog puppy Quin returns home!

Shirley Lilley, Wagging Tails Peterborough
Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Shirley from our Peterborough branch used to be a socialiser for Guide Dogs and she has recently welcomed back one of her puppies, the lovely Quin.

Retired Guide Dog Quin has returned to Shirley and her family.Quin arrived in January 2008 aged 6 weeks as a gorgeous bundle of Goldie fluff.  He was our second Guide Dog puppy and was to stay with us for 11 months in which he filled our lives with fun, cuddles and all the hard work that comes with raising a puppy! We we spent our days training, socialising, going on buses and trains and into cafes and shopping centres.  He was such a gorgeous puppy and always attracted a lot of attention which he was very happy to receive in true Goldie style! 

The time went by too quickly and before we knew it, it was time for Quin to leave us for 'big school'.  We said a very tearful goodbye and didn't see him again until he'd completed his training and was ready to brilliantly and gently guide his new owner who lives in Kent. We kept in touch and felt very lucky to board him a few times over the years so when we were asked by his owner if we would have him back home for his retirement we jumped at the chance!

So here he is 8 years later, having gone full circle, enjoying life and his much deserved rest with Bobby and Berry!

Peterborough dog boarding. Shirley Lilley pictured with her dogs Bobby and BerryShirley, Bobby, Berry and now Quin own and run the Wagging Tails Peterborough Franchise offering owners through the PE postcode area a home based alternative to kennels. Go her to find out more about their Peterborough dog boarding service.