Stanley goes to the groomers

It's off to the salon for Stanley!

Jane Bamford, Wagging Tails York
Saturday, April 28, 2018

Part of owning a dog is ensuring that your dogs coat is manintained so that they are clean, comfortable and matt free. For Stanley (who runs Wagging Tails Yorkshire dog boarding service with his Mum Jane) that means regular trips to the salon. Here Jane tells us a little more about Stanley's pamper session!

As Stanley is a Cockerpoo his coat needs grooming regularly and Julie has been expertly taming his mane for the past two years. Last week it was time for his regular appointment and as you can see from the "before" photo he was in need of a trim!

Stanley the Cockerpoo before his groom

I've know Julie from Julies Trimming Services for many years as before Stanley joined our family we used to take our Border Terrier Archie to be hand stripped  by Julie for years! So when Stanley came into our lives I knew the perfect person to help ensure he was always looking smart and tidy and most importantly comfortable and smelling lovely!

Stanley the Cockerpoo looking very smart having just been groomed

All the dogs love seeing Julie, with her welcoming smile and of course treats always to hand the dogs are happy to go off for their pampering session. From my experience she has always worked miracles with my dogs, turning them from smelly hounds into handsome pooches again!

Julie also has some doggy merchandise for sale in her entrance area, so there's also a chance for a little retail tharpy for me to spoil Stanley! Now here's a photo of Stanley after his groom looking very neat and tidy ready to help me interview more dog carers to join my team! If you'd like more information on Julies Trimming Services in Boroughbridge you can find out more at her website or on her Facebook page Julies Trimming Services 

Julies Trimming Services

Julie's Trimming Service


Wagging Tails York Dog Boarding, Jane Bamford with her dog StanleyJane Bamford and Stanley own and run the Wagging Tails York franchise offering owners throughout the YO postcode area a home based alternative to kennels. Go here to find out more about her York dog boarding service.