Jane Bamford from Wagging Tails York dog boarding visits Hearing Dogs

Jane visits Hearing Dogs training centre in York

Jane Bamford, Wagging Tails York
Friday, May 4, 2018

There are 2 training centres for 'Hearing Dogs for Deaf People', one in Buckinghamshire and one in York. As this is our chosen charity to support at Wagging Tails I feel very lucky to have one so close. On Thursday 26th April I went along on one of the organised tours and took my friend Denise with me. We were welcomed warmly and settled down for a presentation by one of the volunteers Maureen. The charity have numerous volunteers working with them and this enables them to function so well as all of the money that the charity runs on they have to raise themselves. 

Maureen was very informative and interesting to listen to and gave details of why the charity is needed, the types of dogs they train and how much they enhance the lives of peolpe who have hearing difficulties. 

Jane Bamford from Wagging Tails York during her visit to Hearing Dogs for Deaf PeopleWe were then treated to a demonstration by a Cocker Spaniel Marty and his trainer. He showed us such things as how he reacts when an alarm clock goes off or a doorbell rings and how he reacts differently when a fire alarm sounds, dropping to the floor to warn of danger!  Marty was working so hard to impress his audience and please his trainer whilst looking like he was having the best time with his waggy tail.  We were then shown around the training centre and given more information about how the training takes place. We saw some dogs in their rest areas and some dogs with their trainers in the outside playground. Many of the dogs were also out for the afternoon as they have to spend much time in busy places learning how to work on public transport and in shops etc. 

Hearing Dogs for Deaf People YorkThen it was back inside for tea and cake, supplied by the volunteers. At this point we got to mingle with two of the dogs in training: Poppy the poodle, pictured and Peppa the black labrador. 

I am delighted that Hearing Dogs for Deaf People is Wagging Tails charity partner, it is such a worthwhile cause and it's a delight to see such happy dogs, going about their business not realising the immense impact they will have on the lives of their recipient. If you'd like to find out more about Hearing Dogs for Deaf People and perhaps tteat yourself to an interesting afternoon out then you can view their website to book this tour or find out more information.


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