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Dog Holidays

Libby on holiday with IzzieWagging Tails offers home from home dog boarding as an alternative to kennels. Your dog will spend his holiday in the loving home of one of our specially selected carers. We never mix different family's dogs together so as not to create a potentially stressful environment and as our carers do not work your beloved pet will receive lots of attention and most importantly be part of a loving family. We board most breeds of dogs including many rescue dogs who may find it traumatic being left in a kennels again through to show dogs and family pets who are used to the creature comforts of a family home.

We offer two services: please contact your local Wagging Tails branch for prices.


This is for dogs that would prefer to stay in a family home where there are no other dogs. The carers are all very experienced past dog owners. This form of boarding is ideal for dogs that prefer human company!

Benefits: Lots of undivided love and attention, the carer will be able to maintain your dogs own routine and replicate your dogs own home environment.

Holiday with a friend

Your dog will be staying in a home where the carer has one very well socialised dog that enjoys the company of visiting dogs. Your dog will be very much part of the family with the added benefit of a playmate. This is ideal for breeds that enjoy the company of another dog and the added exercise and stimulation that brings. We will only ever match your dog to stay in a household with a dog of similar age, breed and temperament.

Benefits: Great company of both the canine and human kind! Your dog will be part of the family with a welcoming, sociable holiday friend.