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How many dogs does one carer look after at any time?

We only take in one family's dog's at one time. Dogs get plenty of opportunity to socialise with other dogs when out walking and we find dogs boarding with us thrive at having a carer's attention to themselves.

Are all dogs suitable for home dog boarding?

No, we can only accept the average family dog. We will consider puppies if they are house trained but are unable to accept boisterous, out of control or aggressive dogs.

How will my dog be exercised?

Carers exercise the dogs boarding with them on a lead as dogs can behave differently in new surroundings and may find any new scents just too inviting! If, however, you would prefer your dog exercised off the lead please let us know at the time of booking and we will endeavour to place your dog in a home where this will be possible. Whilst boarding with us your dog will also wear a name tag indicating they are on holiday and displaying the carers contact details.

What do I need to provide?

Please supply enough food for the duration of your dogs stay and a lead for walk times, in addition to help your dog settle in we advise you bring any bedding, food and water bowls plus toys and treats that you feel your dog may appreciate.

What if my dog is unwell whilst boarding?

Where possible we will endeavour to take your dog to its own Veterinary surgeon, if this is not possible your dog will be taken to the carers closest Vet. Any bills will of course be payable by the owner.

Do you accept puppies or dogs on medication?

Generally we do not take in puppies under 6 months of age, however, at our discretion we may accept younger dogs provided they are fully housetrained. We are happy to board dogs on medication.

Is there a minimum length of stay?

Generally we do not accept bookings of less than 5 days especially during peak season. However, we find so many owners needing their dogs cared for over a long weekend due to moving home, weddings etc that we will offer a 3 day board for such instances at off peak times.

How do I book?

When you know the dates you require please call or email your local Wagging Tails branch. We then require you to complete a Booking Form, giving as much detail about your dog and his/her routine to help us match you with the most suitable carer. You will then receive the Booking Confirmation with the contact details of the chosen carer. We do require you to visit the carer with your dog, prior to the board, for a "sniffing out meeting" allowing you to familiarise yourselves with your dog's holiday home and the carer.

Can I book any further dates directly with the carers?

No, bookings can only be made through Wagging Tails to avoid double booking. Where possible we will endeavour to match your dog with the same carer each board should you wish.

How does someone become a carer?

After receiving an application and carrying out an interview we vet any prospective carers and are uncompromising in the standards we expect. Our carers are very special dog loving people who enjoy having dogs on holiday with them. We continue to monitor our carers and carry out inspections of their home and garden to ensure standards are kept high. In addition our carers are subject to council inspections where licences are necessary in accordance with the Animal Boarding Establishments Act 1963. Finally all Wagging Tails carers are fully insured with Third Party Liability insurance.

What happens if the carer is having problems coping with my dog?

In the first instance we will endeavour to place your dog with another carer as a problem for one carer may not be the same for another. If a dog is out of control or bites anyone it will be put in to kennels. There is a £20.00 transfer fee for dogs that have to be moved either to another carer or kennels. In the instance of your dog being moved to kennels there will be no refund of the boarding fees you have paid to Wagging Tails and any additional fees charged by the kennels will be payable by you. 

Are the carers licensed?

Not all councils have licences for home dog boarding. However Wagging Tails carers that live in an area where licensing applies have to hold a licence in accordance with the Animal Boarding Establishments Act 1963 to board dogs in their home. In addition to the regular inspections we carry out the council will also ensure the carers home and garden live up to their standards.

Does my dog need to be vaccinated even though it's not mixing with other dogs?

Yes we do require that all dogs are up to date with their vaccinations and kennel cough as this is also part of the licensing rules set out by the councils. We will need to see your dogs' vaccination book to confirm these have been done. Please leave the vaccination book with the carer for the duration of the board.

Does my dog need to be insured?

No however we suggest all owners insure their dogs prior to the board. On our Booking Form we have a link to Petplan offering a 10% discount on Petplan insurance.