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Home dog boarding in Wiltshire. Wagging Tails SN Branch offers home holidays for dogs throughout the Swindon postcode area.

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Address: 3 Tregoze Way, The Prinnels, Swindon, Wiltshire, SN5 6NW
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Wagging Tails Swindon Franchisee Hilary Coates with her Beagle, BanditDogs have always had a special place in my heart, they enjoy being close to us and spending time with us, they are our constant companions. We had a family dog when I was young, but changing circumstances meant it wasn’t possible for me to have a dog for a long time after that, but I had other pets (a budgie, rabbits and a hamster).

Once I had a family of my own, we spent three years living in Italy, where we were “adopted” by a stray cat and her three kittens. Seeing my children learn to take responsibility and push themselves to learn some Italian in order to ask neighbours to help look after the cats if we were away, it struck me again what a wonderful addition pets can be to a family.

On our return I was finally able to have my own dog. After research about the breed and knowing I was going to be at home, off we went to fetch Bandit and welcome him into the family. He even went to live in China with us for 18 months, and strangely enough, my experience with a kennel there left me looking for something different when we came back. The staff in China realised that, as he was a house dog (not necessarily the norm there) he was very unhappy in his kennel area and they kept him in their quarters with them!

When we got back to England, I started to ask other owners here about homes he could go to instead of kennels, but as he also prefers to be on his own in a home, I couldn’t use anyone who has other dogs at the same time. Luckily, I spotted an opportunity with Wagging Tails to set up my own business here in the SN area, with a network of experienced dog owners who are thrilled to offer dogs their home on a one to one basis and the rest, as they say, is history.

Seeing the dogs feeling so relaxed staying in my Dog Carers’ homes; hearing carers express delight at being able to enjoy the company of dogs again; the positive feedback from owners – all this makes me so glad I took a chance and started a Wagging Tails here.



I am trained in Canine First Aid and have successfully completed the Animal Aiders Dog First Aid Training Course.

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I hold a Diploma from The Academy of Dog Training and Behaviour having undertaken and passed their 'Understanding What Makes Dogs Tick' course.

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I am also fully insured with Third Party Liability Insurance from Pet Business Insurance.

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About Our Wiltshire Dog Carers

All of our carers are experienced past dog owners who either no longer have dogs of their own or have one dog who enjoys the company of visiting dogs. Coming from various walks of life and experienced with different breeds of dogs they have all been vetted, interviewed and assessed to ensure they provide the very highest quality home dog boarding and I would happily board Bandit with each of them. Where necessary our carers are licensed for home dog boarding by their local Council to comply with the Animal Boarding Establishments Act 1963 and are fully insured through Wagging Tails Pet Business Insurance. I match each owner's dogs with the most suitable dog carer and insist on a 'sniffing out meeting' taking place at the carers home before the board. I believe it is very important for owners to meet the chosen carer to gain peace of mind and feel confident their best friend will have a great dog holiday! I always aim to place dogs back with the same carer for subsequent holidays as the dogs and carers build a strong bond. Many owners have told me their dogs have dragged them to the carer's door knowing exactly where they are and that it's holiday time!

Please click on the link if you would like to find out how you can join our team of Swindon dog carers



Our Reputation

We are very proud to be recommended by many Vets, Dog Trainers, Groomers and Owners (as can be seen on our Testimonials page).

Our calibre of carers and dedication to giving owner's dogs a stress free alternative to kennels makes Wagging Tails the ideal home holiday for dogs in Swindon and for all dogs - including rescue dogs, puppies and elderly dogs.


Our Aim

Our Aim is to ensure that owners can go away safe in the knowledge that their dogs are being loved and cared for and for all dogs boarding with Wagging Tails carers to get a home dog holiday of their own, full of love, exercise and those all important cuddles!