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Dog boarding in Aylesbury, Beaconsfield, Wendover, Amersham and the surrounding areas. Wagging Tails covers the entire HP postcode area.

Wagging Tails HP Branch: Simon Eccles

HP QR CodeTel: 01296 580 658 
Mobile: 07850 575 148
Email: hp@waggingtailsuk.co.uk
Council License Number: LC201711-921


Simon Eccles owner of Aylesbury dog boarding company Wagging TailsI set up the Wagging Tails HP branch in 2015, offering a home boarding service to dogs and their owners in the HP postcode area. This stretches from just north of Aylesbury to High Wycombe and Beaconsfield in the south, and Hemel Hempstead up to Tring in the east and covers all points between. Being part of a country-wide franchise means I have a lot of backing and support from the organisers and my colleagues in other areas, and we are all determined to offer an ethical, great value service, with the best interests of dogs and their owners at heart.

I thoroughly enjoy meeting owners and their dogs, and am proud of my wonderful group of carers who love dogs just as much as I do! If you feel you would like to join us as one of our fantastic carers, please take a look at our Dog Carers page and see if your circumstances would fit the bill.

Why did we start? Rosalind and I were married in 2014. We had both owned dogs in our younger days and loved having them around, but work and home circumstances had prevented us both from having them full-time for many years. Rosalind and her daughter Megan looked after dogs in school holidays and weekends though, which ultimately led to me joining Wagging Tails myself. Now I work from home, we were able to get a full-time dog of our own in 2015. Benji, a then six year old black rescue Cocker Spaniel, joined our family from the Chilterns Dog Rescue Society. It was love at first sight (and wag) all round, and Benji quickly became an integral member of the family. He also accompanies me to meet prospective new home boarding carers for Wagging Tails, with his wag of approval being a vital part of the process!

We could not contemplate leaving Benji in kennels, so I'm proud that through Wagging Tails and its network of carefully chosen carers, we are able to offer fellow dog owners a service that allows them to go away knowing that they are leaving their dogs with people who will give them the home environment and dedicated care that kennels simply cannot provide. With Wagging Tails you and your dog(s) will first go to what we call a "Sniffing Out Meeting" at the home of the carer where your dog will be staying. You get to know them and their surroundings and they get to know you and your dog. This allows you to go away and enjoy your own holiday with confidence, knowing that your dog is having a great time too!


I am trained in Canine First Aid and have successfully completed the Animal Aiders Dog First Aid Training Course.

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I hold a Diploma from The Academy of Dog Training and Behaviour having undertaken and passed their 'Understanding What Makes Dogs Tick' course.

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I am also fully insured with Third Party Liability Insurance from Pet Business Insurance.

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About Our Dog Carers

Coming from various walks of life and experienced with different breeds of dogs all of our carers have all been interviewed and assessed to provide home dog boarding to owners in the HP Postcode districts covering Aylesbury, Amersham, Beaconsfield, Hemel Hempstead, High Wycombe, Princes Risborough and the surrounding areas. I would happily board my own dog, Benji, with each of them. Where necessary our carers are licensed by their local Council to comply with the Animal Boarding Establishments Act 1963 and are fully insured through Wagging Tails Pet Business Insurance. I match each owner's dogs with the most suitable carers and insist on a 'sniffing out meeting' taking place at the carer's home before the board. I believe it is very important for owners to meet the chosen carer to gain peace of mind and feel confident their best friend will have a great dog holiday! I always aim to place dogs back with the same carer for subsequent holidays as the dogs and carers build a strong bond. Many owners have told me their dogs have dragged them to the carer's door knowing exactly where they are and that it's holiday time!

The majority of our carers are experienced past dog owners who love dogs but cannot have them full time, whilst some have dogs of their own who enjoy the companionship of a holiday playmate. Being a carer gives you the oppotunity to welcome dogs into your home when it is convenient for you and is also very sociable as you will also meet each of your guest's owners. 

To find out more about becoming a carer please Contact Me (Simon) or visit our Dog Carers page for further information. 


Our Reputation

We are very proud to be recommended by many Vets, Dog Trainers, Groomers and Owners (as can be seen on our Testimonials page).

Our calibre of carers and dedication to giving owner's dogs a stress free alternative to kennels makes Wagging Tails the ideal holiday home for all dogs including rescue dogs, puppies and elderly dogs.


Our Aim

Our Aim is to ensure that owners can go away safe in the knowledge that their dogs are being loved and cared for and for all dogs boarding with Wagging Tails carers to get a holiday of their own, full of love, exercise and those all important cuddles!