Dog Swim 2 | Sandford Parks Lido, Cheltenham | Wagging Tails

Dog Swim 2, Sandford Parks Lido, Cheltenham. Sunday 15th October 2017

A Collie swimming at Sandford Parks Lido Dog Swim
Friday, October 13, 2017

Alexis and Brea from Wagging Tails Gloucestershire will be at the dog swim at Sandford Parks Lido in Cheltenham on Sunday 15th October 2017. 

Following the success of the dog swim in 2016 Sandford Parks Lido, Cheltenham will once again be open for dogs at the end of their season allowing our four legged friends to enjoy a swim in the main pool on Sunday 15th October. 

This is a sight to behold and the event takes place between 2:30pm and 6pm. For more information please go to the Sandford Parks Lido website.  

Please note that there will be no entry on the gate this year and only dogs registered for the swim will be allowed on site. Additional (human) spectators will be charged £2.60 on the gate. 

You can take a look at last year's event by watching the video below: