Wagging Tails Charity Calendar 2017 | Hearing Dogs for Deaf People

Wagging Tails 2017 Calendar: Help raise funds to support a new Hearing Dogs Puppy

Wagging Tails Charity Calendar March 2017. Hearing Dogs for Deaf People
Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Please order by Friday 25th November! 

Wagging Tails are pleased to announce that we will be producing a 2017 charity calendar to help raise funds to support a new Hearing Dogs for Deaf People Puppy. Our 2017 charity calendar will feature images of twelve dogs enjoying their Wagging Tails holidays as voted for by you via the Wagging Tails Facebook page

How do we pick the dogs to be included in the Calendar? 

Well every time a dog enjoys a holiday with one of our marvellous carers they receive their very own holiday snaps showing just what they got up to on holiday, some of these photos are so beautiful or funny that we thought everyone should get to appreciate them. Each month we post the best of these images onto our Facebook page and ask you to "like" the one you wish to be featured in our calendar. The result: a beautiful calendar featuring your dogs! 

How do I get my paws on one of these stunning calendars? (we hear you ask!!!) 

1) Go to Wagging Tails https://www.justgiving.com/wagging-hearing-dogs/

2) Make a donation for £7 for each calendar you wish to receive and leave your name and (if you are an owner) which branch of Wagging Tails you use.

3) If you are not currently a Wagging Tails customer send an email to calendar@waggingtailsuk.co.uk referencing your donation and providing your postal address so that we can get your calendar to you.

Please DO NOT hide your donation as we need to be able to verify before sending you your calendar.

Where does the money go?

As Hearing Dogs are our charity of the year it made sense to use the calendar to raise extra money for them! Wagging Tails are paying for the cost of production and postage so 100% of the price you pay for the calendar will be going straight to Hearing Dogs for Deaf People via our Justgiving page. So how do you get your paws on one we hear you ask – well it’s nice and simple. Simply visit our Justgiving page and donate your £7 (or more if you want lots of calendars or you are feeling generous) and then leave your name and a message telling us how many calendars you would like and which branch of Wagging Tails you use so we can obtain your address. If you are not currently a customer of ours never fear, after you’ve completed the donation page just pop an email over to calendar@waggingtailsuk.co.uk with your postal address or if you’d like to save us some pennies and collect your calendar please let us know. One thing to remember - please DO NOT hide your donation amount – without this we cannot verify you have donated the amount payable for the calendar and will not be able to send one to you. We hope you enjoy your calendar and all the beautiful dogs that feature as the months roll by.

Please do take a look at the Hearing Dogs for Deaf People website to find out more about the wonderful work they do. These clever, happy dogs really do make such a difference to the lives of the hearing impaired.

Kindest wishes,

The Wagging Tails Head Office Team!