Julie Andrews to Take the Plunge for Hearing Dogs for Deaf People

Take the Plunge 2 gaining momentum as Julie Andrews signs up as a "casualty"

Julie Andrews Take the Plunge 2
Sunday, July 16, 2017

Take the Plunge 2, a charity day in aid of Hearing Dogs for Deaf People which will see volunteer "casualties" rescued from a lake by trained Newfoundlands, now has over 25 volunteers (there are a maximum of 30 spaces available) including a very special lady named Julie Andrews. 

Julie was born with spina bifida and has been wheelchair bound from birth but this hasn't stopped her living life to the full and lending her support to a number of charities through participation in a range of hair-raising activities. Julie's previous escapades include jumping out of planes, trekking across Salisbury Plain and being run through the streets in a giant pot of vegetables chased by cannibals and so joining our list of "casualties" - who will take the plunge into a lake in Gloucestershire - seemed like a natural thing for her to do! 

Talking about her involvement in extreme events Julie says,  

Julie Andrews will take the plunge for Hearing Dogs for Deaf People"Ever since I was knee high to an ant I have lived life out loud. Being born with spina bifida and thus unable to stand or walk, my parents tried to wrap me up in cotton wool. However, God bestowed upon me the gift of enthusiasm and from the outset I have been determined to make the most of every single day. I am an adventurous wheelchair user. Most people think I am a natural adrenaline junkie. This couldn't be further from the truth. Every time I am about to do an event, I can't eat, can't sleep and wonder whatever possessed me to think I could do the task ahead!

However, I believe everyone has it in them to push their own personal boundaries and every day I try to encourage others to grow that confidence in themselves. Whilst we are able we should never be afraid to fully live the precious life we have been given - even if that means taking a giant leap into deep waters to be rescued by magnificent Newfoundlands"

Talking about the event and Julie's involvement organiser Hilary Coates from Wagging Tails' Wiltshire branch added, 

"It was fantastic to get a message from Julie to ask if she could take part. Julie's involvement seems to have encouraged others to be brave and have a go, as we have very few spaces left now." 

"Take the Plunge 2" will take place at South Cerney Outdoor Education Centre, Cotswold Water Park, Cirencester on Saturday 9th September 2017. There is a £15.00 registration "donation" required to join our band of "casualties" and we are urging participants to raise at least £35.00 to help the charity (our top fundraiser from the 2015 event managed £290 so £35 should be a walk in the park - or a jump in a lake depending on how you look at it). For further information please go to the Take the Plunge 2 page.  

The original "Take the Plunge" took place in September 2015 and raised over £2,500 for Hearing Dogs for Deaf People. Wagging Tails have been working with Hearing Dogs since 2014 and have raised over £10,000 for the charity in the 3 years since through a combination of owner donations, events, shows and other activities. 

You can read more about Julie Andrews exploits in the Get Active section of Able Magazine where she writes a regular column.