Wagging Tails achieve Trading Standards buy with Confidence status

Wagging Tails achieve Trading Standards 'Buy with Confidence' status

Trading Standards Buy with Confidence logo
Wednesday, April 18, 2018

With so many dog boarding companies around it can be very difficult for dog owners to distinguish between them all, especially when many pertain to offer the same level of service.

Wagging Tails have always been at the forefront of licensed, ethical home dog boarding meaning when your dog holidays with a Wagging Tails carer he will benefit from:

  • Being the only holiday guest staying with the carer
  • Staying with a carefully selected vetted, insured and licensed home dog boarder
  • Staying with a carer who is home based to give dogs plenty of love, exercise and attention
  • Getting to meet the carer before your dog’s holiday and see where your dog will be staying
  • No add on fees for registration or bank holidays

These may all seem like standard procedures yet how can any dog owner be sure when reading a beautifully designed website that this is actually how a company works?

Dog owners now have an easy way to decipher this, just look for the Trading Standards ‘Buy with Confidence’ approval.

Trading Standards logo and wording

We believe Wagging Tails is the only Dog Boarding Franchise which has achieved this level across all of its branches, offering a clear indicator to dog owners that they can be assured that Wagging Tails delivers on everything it sets out to do. Operating within a legal framework (all dog carers are licensed and insured) and is without a doubt the leader in its industry.