Home dog carers wanted in Portsmouth | Give dogs a home holiday



Home dog carers wanted in the Portsmouth postcode area. Give a dog a holiday home!


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Wagging Tails are looking for experienced dog lovers to become home dog carers in the Portsmouth (PO) Postcode area and welcome dogs into their home for a holiday. If you are at home all day, have no children under the age of six, have no more than one dog of your own and would like to enjoy the companionship of guest dogs contact Rosemary Gooch now 02393 150 012 or click here to complete an application form.

Meet Our Hampshire Dog Carers: Yvonne

Hampshire dog carer Yvonne at the beach with one of her guests

"Cuddles, licks, fun walks and the unstinting affection offered by all those wonderful dogs!

I have also made new friends with the owners - lovely people."

Yvonne, Wagging Tails Carer.


"It is a great opportunity to meet so many different types of dogs and characters. It provides me with lots of long walks and I get to meet so many other dog owners when out and about, making lots of new friends in the process."

Sandra Reeves

Wagging Tails Carer


You will get all the benefits and companionship of a dog without the commitment of full time ownership. Think of yourself as a Granny or Grandpa, Auntie or Uncle to the dogs that come to stay! 

Healthier Lifestyle

Having a dog to stay obviously means walking, but in addition to this studies have shown that owning a dog can also improve mood, decrease stress, lower blood pressure, ease chronic pain such as migraines and arthritis and lowers cholesterol.


Giving a dog a holiday doesn't mean you only spend time with the dog. You will meet the owners of each dog who stays with you as well as other owners when out walking your guests - something that often leads to good friendships with fellow dog lovers!



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