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Dog boarding in St Albans. Wagging Tails covers the entire AL postcode area.

Wagging Tails AL Branch: Kevin Wright

AL QR CodeTel: 01438 798 484
Mobile: 07849 168 244
Address: 7 Two Oaks Drive, Burnham Green, Welwyn, Herts, AL6 0EZ
Council License Number: LN/000009700


Kevin Wright owner of St Albans dog boarding company Wagging TailsMy wife and I were both brought up with dogs around us; she lived on a farm with Collies and Corgis, while my family had a succession of rescued cross-breeds. So, when my wife was able to give up work in 1998, one of the first things we did was to get a dog of our own, and Ellie, a Golden Retriever puppy, entered our lives, to be joined a couple of years later by Sam, a Cocker Spaniel. Ellie left us in June 2014, having made it to the grand old age of 15 years and 8 months, and outliving Sam by a couple of years. In those last two years she had the company of Roly, our second Cocker, to keep her young, and now Roly is teaching the ropes to Abbie, our second Goldie.

Dogs are such amazing creatures. As well as bringing simple, uncomplicated, happiness into our lives, they help us in so many ways, making a more normal life possible for people who suffer from many kinds of disability. In return, the least we can do is to do everything we can to make sure they live happy and healthy lives. For us, that doesn’t include leaving our dogs in kennels when we go away on holiday. How could we enjoy ourselves, knowing that we’d left them in a strange place, with strange dogs, and no way of telling them that we’d be back?

In early 2015 I was made redundant from my IT job. I had become increasingly dissatisfied with the corporate world, working under artificial lighting on an office while the sun shone outside, and I decided this was an opportunity to make a career change. I looked at a variety of options but when I came across Wagging Tails, it appealed to me immediately as a way that I could do something positive for man’s best friend, as well as providing a much needed service for dog owners, who would be able to go away on holiday and have peace of mind that their dogs are being well cared for in a real ‘home from home’ environment. And of course, it means I get to spend more time with my wife and with my own dogs!

At Wagging Tails, the dogs always come first, and I’m proud to be a part of the team. I look forward to building up a team of dedicated carers to provide an unmatched service to dog owners in the St Albans and Welwyn area.


About Our Carers

All our carers are experienced past dog owners who sadly no longer have dogs of their own or have one dog who enjoys the company of visiting dogs. Coming from various walks of life and experienced with different breeds of dogs they have all been vetted, interviewed and assessed to provide home dog boarding to owners in St Albans, Harpenden, Welwyn Garden City, Hatfield and the surrounding areas and I would happily board Abbie and Roly with each of them. Where necessary our carers are licensed by their local Council to comply with the Animal Boarding Establishments Act 1963 and are fully insured through Wagging Tails Pet Business Insurance. I match each owner's dogs with the most suitable carers and insist on a 'sniffing out meeting' taking place at the carers home before the board. I believe it is very important for owners to meet the chosen carer to gain peace of mind and feel confident their best friend will have a great dog holiday! I always aim to place dogs back with the same carer for subsequent holidays as the dogs and carers build a strong bond. Many owners have told me their dogs have dragged them to the carers door knowing exactly where they are and that it's holiday time!


Our Reputation

We are very proud to be recommended by many Vets, Dog Trainers, Groomers and Owners (as can be seen on our Testimonials page).

Our calibre of carers and dedication to giving owner's dogs a stress free alternative to kennels makes Wagging Tails the ideal holiday home for all dogs including rescue dogs, puppies and elderly dogs.


Our Aim

Our Aim is to ensure that owners can go away safe in the knowledge that their dogs are being loved and cared for and for all dogs boarding with Wagging Tails carers to get a holiday of their own, full of love, exercise and those all important cuddles!